Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie | Family Tree

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

My mother has this beautiful little Family Tree table and I wanted a picture of it. With surprise, I looked up to see myself reflected back in the mirror hanging above it. Whether intentional or just a bit of synchronicity in Mom’s decor, the effect was subtle, yet profound. It said, “Here you are, right where you belong.” It was a silent sentinel waiting with open arms to gather in any who passed before it. I shifted my focus so that I was included…a selfie, but surrounded by all my family.


Lost Dreams – Hope

Lost Dreams - Hope

Took this photo after a late snow 3.26.11

It is a cedar that was growing in the fence when we first moved into this house almost 20 years ago. It was about 3 feet tall at the time. We dug it up carefully, keeping a large root ball intact, but when we pulled it from the hole we’d excavated, the large earthen sphere split cleanly in two, leaving the roots entirely bare. Despite the haphazard method of its transplantation, it has thrived, always.

It is a guardian whose boughs shelter a small patch of hallowed ground. It bears sadness, but thrives despite the solemnity of its duty.

For 2014 I seek the strength and serenity glimpsed from my back window.