Questions Old & New


The local library offers Ed2Go and Learn4Life classes free to its patrons. There are a wide range of courses to interest just about anyone, but I haven’t paid a lot of attention to them.  When I finished my masters at the end of 2006, I swore off anything formal-education-like.

Then in November I gave in to a long-time desire to return to writing and participated in NaNoWriMo. I’ve forgotten my final word count, but it was around 35,000. Printed out, it’s about 80 pages and is half a story. It needs a lot of work, but I love my characters, so I want to give them their HEA.

Enter:  free 6-week writing course. Day 1 was 2/19.  So far, it’s fairly general. The instructor had a couple of suggested text books and I have them ordered.  There is also a class discussion forum which I have’t tried, yet. It’s a nice low-pressure get-out-of-it-what-you-put-into-it kind of class. I’m hoping for motivation, direction and some specific instruction for proceeding with my work.

Interestingly enough, one of the texts is called “Goal, Motivation and Conflict.”


Motivation is probably the most critical of the qualities I am hoping for – for me more than my characters. I have been struggling to stay present…to be a participant in life. Depression has been dogging me hard the past year. No idea why. I have literally been living in books.  And I’d love that to change.

But I ask myself, is writing books better than reading them?  Can changing role from receiver to creator change the fact of living in a fabricated world?  Will it open a door beyond angst? Will it provide a passage from anxiety to serenity?  Can constructing happy endings play a part in generating real life counterparts? Or will it be a mode of passing time until life or brain chemicals or circumstances bring about an easier state of being?

Perhaps I will emerge at the end of six weeks with some answers, lighter insides, or at the least a HEA ending for my characters.


2 thoughts on “Questions Old & New

  1. Cindy Lou says:

    You may be expecting a bit too much from writing, and that’s from someone who goes through withdrawal if she doesn’t write regularly. It may not get you from angst to serenity, but it can provide a feeling of satisfaction you’ve created something powerful/beautiful/funny and can share your daydreams with others. Writing didn’t get me out of my depression but it was an escape, a haven where I could go when the internal bleeding became too much. I don’t think you can ask for much more.

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