Christmas – Part Deux 1.25.14

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Between busy schedules and snow days, it took us a month past Christmas to finish our celebration. It was so nice to get together for a second time this evening. We had a simple sandwich and finger foods buffet, visited and opened some presents. I was really surprised to receive an iPod.  I had asked for one, but wasn’t expecting it at this point. Robert remembered.  AND he got me the blue one.  🙂


Sonny showed me how to synch it with my iTunes and I’m all set to go.  I’m really excited to be able to bring my music with me when I exercise.

While he was helping with the iPod, Sonny was able to get my old crashed computer files transferred across our network.  That also makes me very happy, because I will be able to access my pictures now. And that’s a gift that makes me really happy, too. It will take about 5 or 6 hours for all the files to transfer.  Good grief!  I guess I need to do a little weeding in the files.  There is stuff in there from the past 8 or 10 years. Lots of it is school assignments and things I haven’t thought about, much less looked at in all this time.  The thought of cleaning these out is a little daunting. How should I do it?  …one long marathon of deletions or one folder a day for the next couple of years?

And that just makes me think about other items on other to do lists that need doing… must keep those thoughts at bay… they have the power to kill the joy.

Must keep the joy alive.  What I need is a little music…and I know just where to find some.

Below is a link to a new song by Petula Clark, who has been around since I was a kid. She was known back then for songs such as “Downtown” (, retrieved 1.26.14)  and “Don’t Sleep in the Subway” (, retrieved 1.26.14).

But here’s the new one. It’s entitled “Cut Copy Me”. I would love to describe it, but really don’t know how…seriously can’t do it justice. What I can say is that the music ebbs and flows from gently sweet to full and rich around a steady drum beat, while Petula sings melody and harmony with careful emotion that infuses the lyrics with meaning.To fully appreciate the depth of the music, listen with headphones. And remember to watch the video; it’s really cute – an old-time computer turns itself on and displays ascii graphics of the lyrics and pictures that go along with the song.

(, retrieved 1.26.14)


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