What I Have are Grandcats


This is Autumn. She is 14 and is a tiny, tiny kitty. She’s very affectionate, loving to snuggle as much as possible. As cats go she is not that old, but has been having some problems of old age. ❤


Here’s Harry. He’s a beautiful, big part Maine Coon boy.  He’s around 5 years old and very special; he was a wedding present from Sonny to Wendy. ❤


This is little sister, Sammie Woo. She’s a 4-yr-old Siamese crazy kitty – laid back and cool one day and wild and crazy the next.  ❤


And this is 2-yr-old Rosie. She doesn’t live at home with the other kitties. She is a shop cat, just like my Miss Kitty used to be.  Rosie lives at Rose’s Bookhouse in O’Fallon. She’s a big, friendly, gorgeous girl who loves visitors and hanging around books.


She has toys at the book store.


And she can sometimes be seen walking upside-down under the book shelves. ~ check out that cute tongue and those action paws pulling her along under the shelf! ❤




4 thoughts on “What I Have are Grandcats

  1. Autumn came with my daughter-in-law. I’m not 100% sure, but she may have been adopted because her friend and business partner passed away. She is the sweetest little cat. – You’ll have to post some kitty portraits. 🙂

  2. If you are a cat person, they can be very comforting. Look at my posting called “The Blog of Ongoing Edits”. It has a couple of cute cat pix.
    I hope things get better for you!

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