Gratuitous Kittens – Mei-Mei

Mei-Mei was born April 9, 2008. She was the kitten of a coworker’s cat. I had tried to help him out with spaying and neutering for his cats, but somehow I think the funding was diverted to other things and his cat, Spike, had yet another litter of kittens.

Meimei Adoption Day

In June, I tried to help him place them. I took Mei-Mei and one of her brothers to show to someone else – who ended up NOT taking her. She clung to me like I was a lifeline and she was so crawling with fleas, I did not even consider giving her back to my coworker.

Meimei Kitten 1            Meimei Kitten 5

I put her in a little box and took her straight to the vet for a check-up. She had fleas and worms.

Meimei Sling

She also was not a good eater. I was up with her every 3 or 4 hours to try to get nutrition into her. She was a lot of work and she was very attached to me. She wanted to be held constantly. I even made a sling like mothers have for newborns so she could stay with me while I was home.

Meimei Kitten 2Meimei Kitten 4Meimei Kitten 3Meimei kitten 6Ducklings 016

She continued to grow and thrive and she continued to cling to me. Most nights she sleeps on the pillow next to my head – if not actually draped over my head. She uses one of her paws to move my head and if I’m feeling cooperative, I let her…though she is very stubborn and persistent.

Meimei sleep

She has grown into a really, really big cat. She is likely part Abyssinian. Last check-up she weighed 14 lbs. She is unusual, not having to sniff anyone before they pet her and she isn’t picky about where she is petted either. She loves small dark places and sometimes crawls into the covers to sleep.

Regal MeimeiMei-Mei 12.7.13Meimei Face

She is a very sweet girl and it is wonderful having her in our family.


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