Old News

Fit 2
This is the side hit by the car

Fit 3
This is the side spun out by the semi

This is old news, but we just got some new information today and it astounds me.

Here’s the old news. Back in October, my son Gary was in a serious car accident. He was driving along in the slow lane. It was a drizzly day and it was rush hour time. I had left work late and had just pulled into the driveway at home when I got a call from him. It was around 6:30 pm.

Here is how our conversation went.
Gary: Mom, I was just in an accident. (sounding upset and on the edge)
Me: Are you OK?
Gary: I don’t know.
Me: Are you in pain?
Gary: I don’t know.

I could hear people telling him, “Don’t move, man. Stay still.” So, I spent a little time saying calming things to him. then asked:

Me: Where are you?
Gary: I have to go. I can hear sirens.

I raced into the house yelling for Robert. We didn’t know where Gary was or what exactly had happened. We did our best to track down where he was by checking traffic reports online. We got that figured out, but couldn’t tell where they would take him.

It was a harrowing wait. I tried calling his cell and texting him, but got no response.

Eventually, I was just wasting time online and checked FB where I discovered he had posted that he was in an accident, was in the hospital and was OK. I was relieved AND pissed…or should I be PC and say perturbed?

He did call me around 9 pm to tell me where he was and I went to be with him in the ER.

He had bruises and abrasions. The thing they were checking for primarily was head injuries. He had several CT scans. They finally let him leave around 1 am. We went to pick up some meds and drive thru somewhere for something to eat.

I took a couple of days off work to help him. I made sure he had whatever he needed – food, meds, etc.

The accident happened on a Tuesday. He went back to work the following Monday.

Here are the accident details.

He was driving along in the slow lane. He had just come abreast of a cloverleaf on ramp. A woman driving onto the highway was going too fast around the turn, went airbourn and T-boned the passenger side of G’s car (2012 Honda Fit).

He saw her coming and thought something about how it looked like the Dukes of Hazard driving the General Lee. He also thought, “That car is going to hit me. I’d better move over into the next lane.” When he looked over his left shoulder, he saw that he was driving next to an 18-wheeler. Then he thought (calmly he says), “Shit. I’m getting ready to die.”

Then the car hit the passenger side, shoved him into the semi, and the semi’s wheels spun him out. He says he remembers doing at least two complete 360s before coming to rest in the grass in the middle of the other leaf (the exit ramp) of the cloverleaf.

At this point he thought, “I think I’m going to freak out right now.” So, to keep calm he sent a snap chat picture of his windshield and started getting a series of texts back from his friends. Then he called me.

Multiple people stopped and came to check on him. They called 911 and stayed with him. Responders had to use the jaws of life to get his door open and extricate him.

If you guessed that the woman who caused the accident was A-OK, you’d be right. She was walking around at the scene. If you guessed that the woman who caused the accident was also uninsured, you would be right again. She tried to buy insurance that night and make it work, but it was no dice.

Gary’s insurance has been wonderful. AAA. They made things happen fast and they were very good to him. I can’t say enough nice things about them. He also had the kind of insurance that replaces your car with the current year model. So, in less than a week Gary had a 2013 Fit. The only sad thing is that his 2012 was a special color that was no longer available, so he has plain old blue now.

So now the NEW NEWS on this.

Gary had an MRI of his spine done a few weeks ago. He just went to the doctor for the results today. The results floored me. He has 3 broken ribs in back near his spine, 2 broken ribs under his left arm, 5 broken ribs at the sternum, and a fractured sternum. Holy crap! And he went back to work 6 days after the accident and never got a refill on his pain meds. He only took them at night to sleep.

He must have a high tolerance for pain! That’s all I can say.


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