The Blog of Ongoing Edits

In an earlier entry, I talked about this blog being primarily a place-keeper and a collection of trivial entries. The reality is, I can’t seem to stop tweaking it. Every time I drop in I feel compelled to delete and add and embellish. Instead of triviality (of which there is still enough to cause the most dedicated reader to yawn) I have now added silly, dramatic words and thoughts on topics such as depression and grief…definitely not where I thought I’d venture. I’ve added pictures and titles and tags and categories (whatever those are???) So, anyone visiting here one day might return the next day to find that what they previously read is now a completely different entity.

To make up for the mundane-ity of this entry, here is a picture to maybe make it bearable…or at least provide something to look at when the words deflect the eye. Cats are always a good diversion.

meimei yawn 640

 Kai (left) and a tiny Mei-Mei, big yawn.  

Scamp Yawn

     Additional yawn provided by Scamp.

I’ve also begun an effort to make my blog anonymous. I’m not sure how well that will work. The active blog seems to reflect those changes, but when I look at comments I’ve made on other blogs I see my name plain as day. Also, a google search comes up with my name as well. Will it go away? (several days later…I’ve given up the anonymity idea for this blog.)

I want to begin a series of book reviews and analysis and I want that anonymity.  There is probably some other way to do that and I’ll have to dig around to figure it out. (must create a new identity for that…)


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