Work Schedules & Alternative Romance

Today is Thursday and I am beginning this posting at approximately 11 pm.  This is the earliest that I could get to it, because Thursday is one of the days I work a late schedule. The whiny, bitchy me is struggling to be heard on this subject. In a perfect work world, I would work all regular daytime hours. In the real world I work two late days alternating with early days…so for example today I will no doubt be up late enough to wind down, but will need to get up around 6:30 am to get ready and be to work for an early day tomorrow, a day that begins at 8:30 am.  And if I want to exercise before work, I’ll need to get up 5:30-ish.  The plus side of the late days is that I leave on time. On the early days I usually end up working over by a couple of hours…don’t get home til after 7. It all messes with my ability to ever develop a regular sleep schedule.

One good thing did happen today…I got a synvisc injection in my knee. (During the morning when I didn’t have to be at work , yet.  Heheh.) These help me feel more comfortable, though there is a little discomfort…not the injection itself, which surprisingly doesn’t hurt in the least, but just some bruisey feeling in the tissue around the knee.

I’ll probably be up really late tonight. I started a book last night that kept me up til 2 am. I’m still reading it and there are around 3 hours left. (My Kobo estimates the time left to read a book…and I am a really slow reader.) If I can, I’ll try to stop after an hour and leave a couple of hours for tomorrow. Part of me wants to review these books here, but part of me is hesitant, because I’m mostly in the closet on my reading.  Of course, everyone in the world seems to have read Fifty Shades of Gray with no problem talking about it, but my books are like Fifty Shades of Gay…yaoi all the way and I have heard some of my coworkers bashing them (not knowing I read them!), so I’m hesitant. It isn’t just a courage thing, it is a concern with work politics.



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